What is iPlastic.com?

iPlastic.com is an on-line marketplace where you can buy and sell excess plastic sheet, rod, tube, film and related products.

What market segments do you serve?

iPlastic.com serves a wide range of market segments including plastic distributors, plastic fabricators, OEM's, printers, sign shops, machine shops and many others.

What types of products can I expect to see listed?

iPlastic.com was created for businesses to market their excess, obsolete, slow moving or off specification semi-finished plastics. Products listed are usually discounted considerably from list pricing.

Are listings subject to any minimums?

iPlastic.com is primarily a business to business (b2b) website and accordingly we have a minimum total value of $300 USD per listing.

Can I purchase an item directly on-line?

Currently, if you are interested in buying an item you need to contact the vendor directly to make payment and delivery arrangements. Every product listed has a link to the respective vendor contact page.

How much does it cost to list items?

We have plans available to suit a wide variety of businesses. Please send us your information using our contact form and someone will respond promptly to discuss our service in greater detail.

How does using iPlastic benefit the environment?

iPlastic Inc. believes in environmental sustainability and is dedicated to helping businesses with their "green" efforts by helping to facilitate the recycling, reuse and re-purposing of plastic materials.